From Childbirth to lactation support to baby wearing training, I am here to educate and assist expecting and postpartum mothers find care and assistance with perinatal services while respecting their autonomy. Bundled packages are eligible for a discount. All services listed are available in-person, virtually or a combination of in-person and virtual visits for the same cost.

Establishing client relationship and determining birthing preferences and the best ways I can support you and your family before, during and after birth, as well as educating your partner on your specific coping mechanisms and your preferred comfort measures. This package includes:
- 2 prenatal visits (up to 2 hours each visit)
- 1 postpartum visit (2 hours)
- Birth plan creation
- Unlimited labor support
- Continuous support and contact throughout pregnancy
- 24/7 on call support starting at 38 weeks
Starting at $1200

These “labor blueprint” courses are designed for parents considering home birth, hospital birth, unmedicated birth, freebirth, or anyone curious about the physiological processes (internal processes) of labor.
- What is physiological birth
- Hormones of birth
- What undisturbed birth looks like
- Q& A at the end of each class
Starting at $140

It’s best to know how to breastfeed your baby before they’re here. This course is designed specifically for pregnant mothers and their partner to learn how to breastfeed and what is involved in the process. This no self-exposure course can be taken alone or with a partner.
- Proper latch techniques
- Newborn through toddlerhood breastfeeding
- Troubleshooting common issues
- When and how to seek further support
Starting at $90

This intro to babywearing class, is for everyone - pregnant or postpartum, it will give parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc. knowledge and confidence on how to wear baby safely, comfortably, and practically - so you can wear baby anywhere you want.
- Different types of carriers
- Newborn through toddlerhood babywearing
- Babywearing safety
Starting at $60

Pay What You Can, $25 suggested.
- 45 minute video call
- Question-focused meetings, no specific pre-research or follow up included, to keep the rate low and flexible
- Perfect for expecting mothers looking to complement their birth education or focus on a specific topic


Some families wish to have additional prenatal meetings to discuss topics more in depth, build rapport, etc. To accommodate this need I offer additional prenatal appointments booked individually.


I provide postpartum concierge services through Thrive Mama Collective. Please call 405-356-MAMA to inquire about packages.